Fallur: Video

One thing that every respectable game on the Google Play Store seems to have is a video. Now, as Fallur is a very respectable game, I of course had to make one as well. [banner] I took a part of the song No one knows (it’s a part of the game), shot some footage of […]


Fallur is a very simple casual mobile game where the target is to hit everything that falls down before it reaches the bottom of the screen. Well, almost.. the ghosts are best left untouched. The game is available on google play for free. More about the process of creating the game or the reasons for it […]

Fallur: Making of 2.0

Now, the game Fallur was released a bit early, just to be out in time for christmas (and the reason for that being that I had invested 30 minutes into making christmas graphics for the game). Now it’s time to make the game good enough to be playable for the rest of the year. Graphics […]

Fallur: Why was it made?

After I made Lovur I experimented with some HTML5 frameworks for game development. I have always liked writing games but I’ve normally got stuck somewhere in sprite-handling routines and level editors but with these tools it was amazingly simple to prototype games. Using the MellonJs HTML5 engine I prototyped two simple games in a few hours. […]