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Why Firefox is my prefered browser

I use a few browsers on my different desktops and I normally don’t really care what I’m using. The standard is pretty high when it comes to browsers and even the bad ones are good. But there is a browser I always get back to, and that is Firefox.

Although writing this little post about it gave me an opportunity to tweet  Tweet about Firefox crashingthat Firefox crashed a lot today, I won’t mind. It usually doesn’t (and has just had a major upgrade).

But the main reason is that it is cross platform, and that the plugins are just so good (Pocket and Evernote mostly).

I don’t use many plugins, but those I have integrate well (on all platforms I use) and the browser does actually feel faster on my mac than Chrome. Then the fact that it’s very developer friendly is a big plus.

But the main reason is the fuzzy feeling of control and trust. Mozilla isn’t selling my data, and they work actively to make the web a little bit more secure.
That really matters.


Effects of tagging on soundcloud

I’m doing a small experiment here. I normally don’t tag that much on my songs on SoundCloud. Basically, I’m too lazy. But what effect would it have if I did?
Time to find out.

I selected a song that’s not being played a lot, even though I would say it’s quite good: Reading.

The song only has a few tags as shown in the picture below. Now what happens if I add a bunch of tags?


As the song is about Reading between the lines there are all sorts of tags I can add to it. So here is what I ended up with.


The limit is 30 tags and all are used now. It will be interesting to see if tagging has any effect in the plays the song gets (and the fact that most of the tags are on what the song is about, not the style of music).