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Lovur – first update

Now the Lovur application has been available for a couple of weeks and it currently has over 100 installs.
It’s unsurprisingly not a very popular application (people download it, test it and forget about it) but it seems to mostly work, except for a few crashes..

CrashesNow, this is a very neat feature in the Play Store. I get the crash and the stack trace! No problem to debug and fix 🙂

(in this case I was apparently using a function that doesn’t exist before Android 3.0)



Surprising spread of the Lovur app

I’m truly surprised I have to admit. The Lovur app has seen qSpreaduite some spread.

Of course, it’s due to that I have been experimenting a little bit with ads with Google AdWords but I never thought it would get this kind of spreading and that users would return!

The ads have focused on US, UK and India but there is some spread also except for those countries and it’s increasing every day.  Do the ads run in other countries than I’ve selected? I don’t know..


Anyway. The appimagelication is not a hit by any means, but it’s got a lot more than the expected 0 users, and the users are well spread and some are returning. Quite satisfying for a few hours of learning HTML5 I must say.