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I’m a huge fan of Lifehacker and having their site in my daily RSS flow I quickly learned of todo.txt that is metioned there from time to time and I of course got hooked. A simple text file with a simple format that can be used for todo-list and then any tool can operate on that file.

I started using the android application but I missed desktop applications for handling the list on both Windows and Mac so I wrote one.

I wrote it as I simply love the simplicity of todo.txt and the ability to always read and modify my todo-list without any dependency on any software special software or service.

It’s been a few months now since I wrote it, and I’ve been using it daily at work (windows) and at home (mac) without any problems so I decided to release it into the wild in case anyone else has any use of it.

You can download it from this page.

As you may have noted I’ve only put the version number at 0.3. The program is fully functional but lacks features and I will be adding some simple ones when I find the time, but in the meanwhile, please enjoy this 0.3 version. It works well for me so chances are it will for you as well.

One thought on “Todour 0.3

  1. Del Jones

    Absolutely loving this app, thank you so much. I am runing the app in WIndows 10 and using SyncThing to my Adroid devices that use SimpleTask. Excellent.
    I have one question/issue, it’s not a big deal but was wondering if there is a fix.
    If use the filter , the filter works ok but if I clear the filter field all the notes never become visable, I can still use the filter function and it works. To get all the notes visable again I have to close the app and restart.
    Again great job. Thanks


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