Todour 2.14

Download todour 2.14 from

Note that if you are updating, this version will automatically check for updates ca once per week. If you’d rather not have that happen, there is a setting to turn that off.

    • Added a Show All checkbox that shows the contents of the entire done.txt as well. Good for checking old stuff. Note searching will be slow if you have a big done.txt file
    • Added possibility to use a tray icon. When the application is closed and tray icon is active, the application is minimized to tray instead. To quit, use the menu in the tray.
    • Added support for coloring due: tagged lines depending on date.
    • Added support for same shorthand with due: dates as with thresholds. Thus due:+2d will set the due date to 2 days from now. due:+3w is three weeks from now and so on.
    • Title now shows how many rows are shown of total entries
    • Checking for updates is now more visible (and selectable). Of course, no data is ever sent. Just check a version.
    • Added a ‘hidden’ feature of procrastination. Either use due: or t: with the usual shortform and ‘p’ and todour will change the date to a random number of days up to the number you specify.
      Example: t:+10p will put a date in the coming 10 days. And it will also add a ‘+procrastinated’ tag, so you know you maybe shouldn’t procrastinate the task again 🙂


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