Using AdWords to promote music

My music is a hobby. I’m lucky enough to have a good job that I really like and I don’t have to depend on my music to put food on the table (it would not be a lot of food…).  But, it would be very interesting to know if I could make any real money of it.

To do that I need listeners, and that means that I need people to know that I exist, or at least that my music exists. So I am doing a very small experiment using AdWords to promote one of my songs. The ad

I chose the song Smygehamn , as it is linked to a place, and the place is quite popular during the summer months for tourists.

So the question I’m trying to answer is if the ad actually manages to drive any traffic to the homepage of the song, and also if it leads to any purchase or streaming plays.

Time will tell, and I will write again here in a while about how this has turned out.


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