A little tune about waiting for something. I’m not 100% happy with the lyrics, will be small changes before this one goes to Spotify, but the song is mostly done.

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Someday I will
Get what I want
Feels time stands still
I wait


I don’t know how
Guess I’m hoping for luck
Wish then was now
But I wait


Feel it, know it, can’t explain
I see the sun, ignore the rain
Something great will come my way
..and I’ll just stand and wait
..and I’ll just stand and wait


Waiting , patient

I don’t know how, but I know it will work
Longing , dreaming
But I won’t tell anyone of my thoughts
..and I’ll just wait
One day I will
Wish for nothing more
I will be at peace 
I won’t wait
I will enjoy
Everything I’ve got
Not wanting more
Nothing, to wait for
Feeling, knowing, all for real
Seeing all, living a dream
Nothing will have been in vain
…that is my fate
..so worth the wait

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