Got annoyed listening to some young people nagging about not getting everything they wanted served to them so I wrote this.. Guess it’s a clear sign that I’m getting old.. nagging about youth like that.

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I overheard
you today
Seems you’re
out of luck in someway
Money isn’t falling on you
As it should be
I heard
you say

Sitting and Slacking
every day
You parents wishing
you ran away
All your life is
on the web and
you never show your
face outside

— Ref

What you get is up to you, you have to
No such thing as luck, just do , you’ve got to
Your parents can’t get you through, you must
It’s not fair but else you loose

You wish to be rich
instead by birth
Have been born with a silver spoon
up your butt
But all around you
showels laying
Pick one up and
hear what I’m saying’… now

..Ref x2

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