Monthly Archives: October 2014

Meaning of a message

There is so much in a picture and a message.
I’ve run two ads on Facebook. One for End and one for Supernatural Temptation. The one for End is getting alot of plays while the otherone isn’t. End is targetted at people with complicated relation status and has a picture that is clearly pointing at marriage issues (the same as below in the soundcloud image)

The one for supernatural was pointed to general hipsters that like independent music with an image that really conveys no message at all. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise that the ad for Supernatural was basically just waste of money as it did’t engage the viewer.

Lesson learned: There is no shortcut to real plays.

One shot music video

Got this simple idea one day on my way to work. How about just shooting a video with the phone and sing along to a song? Said and done, I put my Xperia Z2 on the dashboard and started filming.

Simple enough, and I guess it’s better than my normal music videos as there is actually a video in it 🙂


You can see all my videos on my youtube channel (just don’t expect to much movement)