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Random Reoccurrence

The new rec: feature has been a great addition to how I use my todo-lists and I am using it quite a lot. Probably a bit more than I should be, but it’s nice with reminders “sneaking in” to the todo-list like they do using this feature, as I am not a very big fan of reminders popping up in my phone.

I though just thought of a little use-case I would like to have for things I want to be reminded of, but not all the time. Like for example working on Todour. I don’t have a schedule for it and I don’t want one, but it would be an idea having it pop up a bit randomly (I have lots of small projects that I would like to have like that). 

Anyway, I added the “p” (as in procrastination) to the rec: key just now in my development branch and it’s actually pretty neat. Example: 

Work with +todour t:2019-01-30 rec:15p

This line will show up at 30/1 due to the threshold and the rec: switch will create a line just like this one when I cross out this line. The new date in t: will now be the finished date + 1-15 days. So somewhere in the coming 15 day it will pop up again.

I don’t know if this is actually useful, and it’s completely non-standard of course, but it was easy to do and now it’s there to be delivered in the next version.

Todour 2.16

Time for some updates of Todour. This time the star is the rec: tag that has been added.

The rec: tag works by adding time as specified to any t: and due: tag you may have on an item.

My item rec:1d due:2019-01-10 

Will create a new item when this one is crossed out as

My item rec:1d due:2019-01-11

As usual there are multiple ways of specifying the time to be added. d is for days, w for weeks, m for months, y for years, p for random (!?) and b for business days. A special thing to note is that all of this can be prepended with a + sign (rec:+1d) to make the recurrence strict. Then the recurrent date will not be from the date the item got checked, but rather from the date specified in the t and due fields. Please experiment with this.

Here is the complete change log

* Multiple thresholds supported on each line
* Added a Quit menu item
* More robust autoreload
* Qt 5.12
* Dark Mode support on macOS
* Support for rec:
* Support for "b" in shorthand and in rec: for business days

Download todour 2.16 from