Wordur is a simple game that I created during christmas 2022 to practice my C# skills a little and also experiment with a simple, casual, browser based asynchronous game.

Here sverrir@hey.com is in an intense battle with sverrir@valgeirsson.se

The game is simple. Each turn you are given a random letter to place on one of the allowed slots. Form a word, and you get points in relation to the words length. The word can be backward, forward, vertical, horizontal and diagonal.

That is about it about the game. Is it fun? I don’t know yet. I think there will need to be some tweaking on the placement of letters, the word-list and perhaps the randomness of the random letters. But it remains to be seen. Try it and tell me what you think. It’s at https://wordur.nerdur.com. And there are bugs. Just be aware of it. Just load it again if it fails. Add me to a game 🙂

The technology used to make the game is Serverside Blazor with Entity Framwork and PostgreSQL used for the datastore as I wanted to try out the combination and also using the Identity system that comes in the package. It seems to mostly work, but I can see that I have been spoiled by my last projects in python or ruby where its much harder to break stuff.