About my music

Making music is my newest nerdy endevour. I discovered at the end of 2012 that the step from just sitting and playing with my guitar, something I’ve been doing since I was a little kid, to actually making a song was a small one. So I started using my tool-of-choice-for-almost-everything(tm), Evernote, to being able to write down or record ideas anywhere and then recording them using Garageband and my headphones. First songs where Irony and Lies and then it just continued.

When it comes to making music it’s the songwriting part I really like to do. The recording is not my favourite and thus the results are far from perfect. I only have access to one singer (myself) and one audio engineer (myself again) and I kinda suck at both 🙂

Most songs can be found in ”draft” versions on  soundcloud but some songs can be found in better quality on Spotify or iTunes, although I normally link the soundcloud versions here as they can be played directly in the browser. On sverrirv.com you can follow my music.

Note that all songs are not listed here. Check the soundcloud link if you want to hear more.

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