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Filmtagger is an application for those of us that still like to shoot film but use the computer to manage our photo collection.

Filmtagger makes it easy to embed EXIF, XMP or IPTC information in the scanned images about camera used, film, ISO, lens, date and other tags.

The program will scan the selected catalog and set the appropriate tags in all jpg or tif images it can find (a backup file will be created).

Version 1.7 can be downloaded here

Nerd info: Written using Lazarus Free Pascal on WinXP. The EXIF stuff is all handled by exiftool by Phil Harvey so this is basically just a GUI for that tool.

Note that this is software I wrote years ago. It will point to a domain I no longer have control of but other than that, the software works. 

2 thoughts on “Filmtagger

  1. Bill Costa

    I’m just in the starting stages of looking into Lazarus/FPC for creating GUI apps — something I’ve managed not to do up to this point. I want to write some apps for handling photos. Is the source code for your Filmtagger published anywhere? I’m thinking looking at your code and compiling it for the Mac would be a good learning experience for this app development platform.

    1. sverrirv Post author

      I am sorry for the very late answer and I hope you have found something good to look at.
      The code isn’t available anywhere that I am aware of, but I could dig it up for you if you want it (it’s basically just a UI that runs a .exe in the background, so it doesn’t even show the images. It’s quite unimpressive code).

      When I was writing Filmtagger (this must be 10 years ago or more) I was looking for information on handling photos in Lazarus but didn’t have much luck. I really hope the environment has changed and there are good examples for you. It’s a nice environment to work in. Let me know if you want the code and I’ll try to find it, but you will be disapointed 😉


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