Monthly Archives: October 2016

Todour 2.06 released

Finally advanced search is here! Download todour 2.06 from and enjoy being able to search for multiple tags in any order and to exclude any words in your search.


For example the search shown here will find all lines that contain “+work” and “+budget” and do not contain the word “delegated”.

Enjoy 🙂


Advanced search in Todour 2.06 (preliminary)

Advanced searching has been implemented and is being tested for the 2.06 release of Todour.

The search will be able to handle multiple search words including negative ones, like below where all lines with “test2” and “test1” but not test4 will be matched.


The negative matching is especially convenient when wanting to exclude a project or context. I use it for excluding the “@work” context when I am not working for example but you can of course find many other uses for it.

Stay tuned for the 2.06 release coming quite soon…