Gameplay with one player

I wanted to join a Game Jam using the Dragon Ruby engine, so I joined the Dragon Ruby Classic Jam: Gauntlet Edition with this rather simple game. The goal is to collect the diamonds and kill the zombies. The catch? The game stutters with 2 moves per second (120 bpm) in alignment with the music and is multiplayer (so apart from having to watch out for the zombies, you have to watch out for other players as well that want to be the hero).

Svipugong (as close as I could come to Gauntlet in icelandic translation) is written in Dragon Ruby and the backend is also in ruby using sinatra. All the communication is http (Dragon Ruby did at the time of implementing this game not have any support for more advanced networking).

The long startup time of the game is due to the cold start time of IBM Code Engine where the backend is currently hosted. I will eventually move it to my Dokku server and expect it to be faster once that is done.

The game has been moved to a dokku server and is thus always up and starts up fast. It still stutters but that is by design.