Monthly Archives: March 2019

Todour 2.17

This is a very small update that mostly fixes a couple of Linux issues.

* Added support for "p" in rec: - This means that a reccurance can be random (note that this is non-standard)
* Removed the +procrastinated label from automatically being added when using "p"
* Fixed logout issues in KDE where the dock could stop logout from happening

Also, there was an issue with the Linux/.deb packaging. The application is built on a 32-bit machine but the package didn’t state that anywhere so on 64 bit system without 32 bit libraries the application simply wouldn’t run (and give no good error message). This is now fixed and the .deb file will require i386 dependencies.

To install on Ubuntu/Debian or similar that does not have the correct libraries already installed, something like the following is required:

> sudo dpkg -i Todour-v2.17.deb
> sudo apt-get install -f

Download todour 2.17 fromĀ