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1Q84 by Haruki Murakami

A while back I started traveling quite regularly to Tokyo due to changing jobs to a large Japanese corporation. On the first one of these trips, on the way home, I was at Narita International Airport killing time and searching for presents to bring home. Being an engineer I started at the store furthest away from the gate to methodically work my way through all the stores (I had plenty of time to kill) to search for something typical Japanese to bring home with me. The first store was a bookstore. 

I found stacks of books in the middle of the store, 1Q84 that caught my interest. I looked through the stacks and the book seemed interesting although I really had no reason to think so except simply liking the cover. The books were all in Japanese..  I ended up buying lots of other stuff, but no book this time as my Japanese is nonexistent. 
Once home though, I surfed up some information on the book and found it interesting enough to put on my reading-list and when there was time for another long travel and I had no special reading planned (this time to San Diego) I logged into my preferred ebook supplier and bought the book 1Q84 (1 and 2).
The book caught me. Not the way a good thriller does, but the writing is very catching. I never felt that I had to know what was going to happen next. But I wanted to know. I kept reading throughout the trip and continued when home. The book is suitable for reading a bit at a time. There is really no problem to break at any time and then continuing a while later. I liked that. 
The story is a bit supernatural/sci-fi but not too much and it leaves quite a lot for the reader to figure out. The descriptions are good and set the mood well, but never overdoing it describing every leaf. 
I am normally quite easily bored and often put down books that don’t interest me but this one (all three books) had no problem to keep me to the end, and I would like to read what happens after book number three ends… 
In other words, this book was absolutely worth reading and I recommend it.  
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