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Got annoyed listening to some young people nagging about not getting everything they wanted served to them so I wrote this.. Guess it’s a clear sign that I’m getting old.. nagging about youth like that.

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I overheard
you today
Seems you’re
out of luck in someway
Money isn’t falling on you
As it should be
I heard
you say

Sitting and Slacking
every day
You parents wishing
you ran away
All your life is
on the web and
you never show your
face outside

— Ref

What you get is up to you, you have to
No such thing as luck, just do , you’ve got to
Your parents can’t get you through, you must
It’s not fair but else you loose

You wish to be rich
instead by birth
Have been born with a silver spoon
up your butt
But all around you
showels laying
Pick one up and
hear what I’m saying’… now

..Ref x2


Long time since I uploaded something to Soundcloud. Mostly I’ve been busy with finishing the songs I put out recently on Spotify and some other small projects, but now it’s time to put out some material again.

This song is a negative one about having difficult choices. Enjoy.


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It’s another day ; or so they say
Guess it’s all the same ; as yesterday
Don’t know what to change ; no use anyway
All these people here but we’re alone all the same
I see all these trees; can’t go away
Do they feel like me ; or accept their fate
Who knows where to go
No one cares
We’re alone
No road with golden stones
all will hurt
but one leads home
Never seen such pain ;  as I’ll create
If I choose the way ; as I must some day
How long should we wait ; will it happen by fate
It’s a waiting game, everything will change
I see all these trees; wonder what they’d say
They’re oldest here; ought to show me the way
It’s cold to be alone
Makes you tough
Kills the soul
With you I feel at home
I really know
where I should go
Never alone
Feels all alone
Nowhere to go
Just let go, and move on
It’s cold to be alone
Makes you tough
Kills the soul
With you I feel at home
I really know
where I should go


The wonderful, false, feeling of accomplishment

$ROPEVEJI bet you all know it. This feeling of having something done. Finished a task. Tied up the loose ends. It’s so gratifying that its almost addictive and I am enjoying it now. In fact, so much that I actually think I have time to write this post. In reality though, I don’t actually know if I have the time or if I should be doing something completely different.

It’s not like I have endless choices at the moment. Currently I am somewhere over Greenland trying to spot polar bears out the window (not much success I might add) on my way to a meeting in the U.S., and as I always do on these flight I clean up my inbox. And I am done!

There are only three emails left in the inbox, all of which are trivial and will be easily taken care of once I get my internet connection back. It will only take me minutes.  Life is good.

Or is it?

I use a GTD-kind of system that is constantly evolving to manage my tasks and what I’ve done now while passing half of the Atlantic, is to read these emails, answer the trivial ones and putting the bigger ones somewhere else with an action attached to them, in either my notebook or OneNote together with all the other actions I have piled up since earlier. So what have I accomplished really?

An empty inbox means that all correspondence is kept moving. I’m not stopping anything from happening, at least nothing I can trivially keep moving. This is a really good thing as being responsive is extremely important. I have accomplished an empty inbox so I should be happy with myself. It’s a good thing to do and I should do it more often. 

Am I done? 

Not even close.. What I have now is an un-prioritized list of actions in a couple of places (I want it like that.. more on that some other time). I don’t really know how big some of these actions are so I have no real clue of how much effort there is left.

But one thing I can do. I can check off my “empty the inbox” checkbox and feel secure that there is no major thing that I am not aware of waiting as an ugly surprise in there and that leaves me with a sense of control that feels really good. Now it’s just a matter of execution to do all the things I have lined up.. so I guess this post is over and I am going to jump into actually doing some more not-so-productive work, namely prioritize and continue my structured procrastination.