Sumur in “1 minute 20” configuration

Sumur is a rather simple game idea where a combination of simple maths (sums) and match 3 is used to create the game play. The goal is to add an arbitrary number of tiles together to become the sum of one or more of the adjacent tiles. These tiles then get replaced and the player tries to find a new sum.

The game has a client and server component to allow for live score updates of highscores compared to the current players score.

Feel free to try it out at Use whatever username you want, but remember your password. If the user doesn’t exist already it will get registered automatically. If the user is there, your login will fail and you need to pick another username.

The game is developed using Godot and Django and run on a Dokku server in Azure.

I have also made a simpler version of the game in Dragon Ruby (since.. why not?). This is available here.