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DragonRuby vs Godot4 benchmark

What a click-baity title..

Amir Rajan, the maker of the excellent DragonRuby game engine put up a couple of Youtube videos comparing the engines performance to Unity and PyGame. Since I wondered how Godot 4 would stack up, I implemented the same benchmark there.

How did it stack up? They are quite similar from what I could see. DragonRuby a bit faster when handling 20-40k sprites but at 80k they were the same.

Code is here:

Is there any real take away from this simple comparison? Not more than both are plenty fast. If you land here since you are thinking about if you should use Godot or Dragon Ruby, then I think you can take speed out of the equation and focus on other differences. Both are excellent.

Todour 2.22

Time for a small update of Todour.

  • Potential bug for writing files fixed (flushing seems at times not happening on virtual filesystems)
  • Added documentation on GitHub pages
  • Added support for treating due as threshold
  • Added support for “business days”
  • Updated QtAwesome to a newer version
  • Changed name of icon files to todour.* from newicon.*

As always, you will find the downloads on

New game: Wordur

It’s christmas time and I am not working that much so that means there has been some time for pointless programming 🙂

I made a game called Wordur to sharpen my C# skills and use the very nice Blazor framework that Microsoft have been kind enough to provide now for a few years.

Play around with it! See if its any fun. It comes with bugs included so don’t expect a completely stable experience (just reload the main page and go from there).

New application: Kan Jag Duscha? (Can I take a shower?)

Due to the rising energy prices I have changed my Electricity supplier here in southern Sweden (Tibber) to one that bills me based on what the electricity costs when I actually use it (hourly), and that also has an API. So.. with an API comes the responsibility of making use of it of course.

I made this small application / website to tell me if its a good idea to take a shower or to wait, based on the electricity price right now.

Of course it only makes sense to you if you live in southern Sweden and have the same Electricity deal as I have, but if you do, this might be useful 🙂

More information is here

Why Firefox is my prefered browser

I use a few browsers on my different desktops and I normally don’t really care what I’m using. The standard is pretty high when it comes to browsers and even the bad ones are good. But there is a browser I always get back to, and that is Firefox.

Although writing this little post about it gave me an opportunity to tweet  Tweet about Firefox crashingthat Firefox crashed a lot today, I won’t mind. It usually doesn’t (and has just had a major upgrade).

But the main reason is that it is cross platform, and that the plugins are just so good (Pocket and Evernote mostly).

I don’t use many plugins, but those I have integrate well (on all platforms I use) and the browser does actually feel faster on my mac than Chrome. Then the fact that it’s very developer friendly is a big plus.

But the main reason is the fuzzy feeling of control and trust. Mozilla isn’t selling my data, and they work actively to make the web a little bit more secure.
That really matters.