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Todour 2.17

This is a very small update that mostly fixes a couple of Linux issues.

* Added support for "p" in rec: - This means that a reccurance can be random (note that this is non-standard)
* Removed the +procrastinated label from automatically being added when using "p"
* Fixed logout issues in KDE where the dock could stop logout from happening

Also, there was an issue with the Linux/.deb packaging. The application is built on a 32-bit machine but the package didn’t state that anywhere so on 64 bit system without 32 bit libraries the application simply wouldn’t run (and give no good error message). This is now fixed and the .deb file will require i386 dependencies.

To install on Ubuntu/Debian or similar that does not have the correct libraries already installed, something like the following is required:

> sudo dpkg -i Todour-v2.17.deb
> sudo apt-get install -f

Download todour 2.17 from

Todour 2.16

Time for some updates of Todour. This time the star is the rec: tag that has been added.

The rec: tag works by adding time as specified to any t: and due: tag you may have on an item.

My item rec:1d due:2019-01-10 

Will create a new item when this one is crossed out as

My item rec:1d due:2019-01-11

As usual there are multiple ways of specifying the time to be added. d is for days, w for weeks, m for months, y for years, p for random (!?) and b for business days. A special thing to note is that all of this can be prepended with a + sign (rec:+1d) to make the recurrence strict. Then the recurrent date will not be from the date the item got checked, but rather from the date specified in the t and due fields. Please experiment with this.

Here is the complete change log

* Multiple thresholds supported on each line
* Added a Quit menu item
* More robust autoreload
* Qt 5.12
* Dark Mode support on macOS
* Support for rec:
* Support for "b" in shorthand and in rec: for business days

Download todour 2.16 from

Todour 2.15

This is the first Linux build since 2.02 that gets distributed. There is a debian package and a .tar.gz on the download page. I have been using a Linux build all the time since 2.02 and it is working very well, I have just never bothered learning how to do a .deb packaging. Now I did 🙂 

Download todour 2.15 from

  • Check Version menu item added
  • Support for URL:s in the list (right click = open URL)
  • Items containing URL:s shown as underlined
  • Live search is now turned off automatically when “Show all” is selected.
  • FIX/Changed behaviour: Priority is now handled according to the standard. Thus removed when an item is checked (or moved. See options)

Todour 2.14

Download todour 2.14 from

Note that if you are updating, this version will automatically check for updates ca once per week. If you’d rather not have that happen, there is a setting to turn that off.

    • Added a Show All checkbox that shows the contents of the entire done.txt as well. Good for checking old stuff. Note searching will be slow if you have a big done.txt file
    • Added possibility to use a tray icon. When the application is closed and tray icon is active, the application is minimized to tray instead. To quit, use the menu in the tray.
    • Added support for coloring due: tagged lines depending on date.
    • Added support for same shorthand with due: dates as with thresholds. Thus due:+2d will set the due date to 2 days from now. due:+3w is three weeks from now and so on.
    • Title now shows how many rows are shown of total entries
    • Checking for updates is now more visible (and selectable). Of course, no data is ever sent. Just check a version.
    • Added a ‘hidden’ feature of procrastination. Either use due: or t: with the usual shortform and ‘p’ and todour will change the date to a random number of days up to the number you specify.
      Example: t:+10p will put a date in the coming 10 days. And it will also add a ‘+procrastinated’ tag, so you know you maybe shouldn’t procrastinate the task again 🙂


Todour: Thresholds

Thought I’d perhaps explain thresholds a little bit.

Using the threshold determines when to show a task or keep it hidden (or optionally to sort it as an inactive task so you can see it but it’s sorted last and looks different).

So a line that is

2018-07-03 This is my task that won’t be shown until next year t:2019-07-03

Will be hidden until 2019-07-03.

Since it’s not so fun to have write these dates, it’s possible to use relative shorthand. So entering

2018-07-03 This is my task that won’t be shown until next year t:+1y

will have the same effect. Todour will replace the t:+1y with t:2019-07-03. You can use “d” for days, “w” for weeks, “m” for months and “y” for years. No combinations are possible though as I couldn’t see any need for them. Let me know if I am wrong 🙂


I added a different kind of thresholds as well. I am not sure if any other implementation supports this, but I wanted it so you got it 🙂

See the below example:

2018-07-03 This is a task with a +project tag

2018-07-03 This is a task that has a threshold of that +project tag t:+project

If you turn on the option of respecting thresholds for projects and contexts, the second line will be hidden until all lines with the +project tag have been checked or removed. This makes it possible to create dependencies between tasks, making tasks stay out of the way until something else is done.

Hope this is of any use.



Todour 2.13

Download todour 2.13 from

  • Option to save deleted items in deleted.txt
  • Remember the content of search window if turned off
  • Remember the state of the Context lock toggle button when closed
  • Support for the threshold (t:) tag
  • Threshold tag can take relative days(d),weeks(w),months(m) or years(y) as argument when threshold tags are active (example t:+2d will change to a date in 2 days)
  • Threshold can have a +project or @context – stays hidden while there is an active task with that +project or @context
  • Threshold task can be treated as inactives (thus not hidden, but displayed differently)
  • Changed behavior: When editing a line with dates, a change of the dates will be respected as well (before the original date would be kept.

Thanks for the bug reports and suggestions.