Todour 2.16

Time for some updates of Todour. This time the star is the rec: tag that has been added.

The rec: tag works by adding time as specified to any t: and due: tag you may have on an item.

My item rec:1d due:2019-01-10 

Will create a new item when this one is crossed out as

My item rec:1d due:2019-01-11

As usual there are multiple ways of specifying the time to be added. d is for days, w for weeks, m for months, y for years, p for random (!?) and b for business days. A special thing to note is that all of this can be prepended with a + sign (rec:+1d) to make the recurrence strict. Then the recurrent date will not be from the date the item got checked, but rather from the date specified in the t and due fields. Please experiment with this.

Here is the complete change log

* Multiple thresholds supported on each line
* Added a Quit menu item
* More robust autoreload
* Qt 5.12
* Dark Mode support on macOS
* Support for rec:
* Support for "b" in shorthand and in rec: for business days

Download todour 2.16 from

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