Random Reoccurrence

The new rec: feature has been a great addition to how I use my todo-lists and I am using it quite a lot. Probably a bit more than I should be, but it’s nice with reminders “sneaking in” to the todo-list like they do using this feature, as I am not a very big fan of reminders popping up in my phone.

I though just thought of a little use-case I would like to have for things I want to be reminded of, but not all the time. Like for example working on Todour. I don’t have a schedule for it and I don’t want one, but it would be an idea having it pop up a bit randomly (I have lots of small projects that I would like to have like that). 

Anyway, I added the “p” (as in procrastination) to the rec: key just now in my development branch and it’s actually pretty neat. Example: 

Work with +todour t:2019-01-30 rec:15p

This line will show up at 30/1 due to the threshold and the rec: switch will create a line just like this one when I cross out this line. The new date in t: will now be the finished date + 1-15 days. So somewhere in the coming 15 day it will pop up again.

I don’t know if this is actually useful, and it’s completely non-standard of course, but it was easy to do and now it’s there to be delivered in the next version.

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