Monthly Archives: April 2023

DragonRuby vs Godot4 benchmark

What a click-baity title..

Amir Rajan, the maker of the excellent DragonRuby game engine put up a couple of Youtube videos comparing the engines performance to Unity and PyGame. Since I wondered how Godot 4 would stack up, I implemented the same benchmark there.

How did it stack up? They are quite similar from what I could see. DragonRuby a bit faster when handling 20-40k sprites but at 80k they were the same.

Code is here:

Is there any real take away from this simple comparison? Not more than both are plenty fast. If you land here since you are thinking about if you should use Godot or Dragon Ruby, then I think you can take speed out of the equation and focus on other differences. Both are excellent.

Todour 2.22

Time for a small update of Todour.

  • Potential bug for writing files fixed (flushing seems at times not happening on virtual filesystems)
  • Added documentation on GitHub pages
  • Added support for treating due as threshold
  • Added support for “business days”
  • Updated QtAwesome to a newer version
  • Changed name of icon files to todour.* from newicon.*

As always, you will find the downloads on