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Supernatural Temptation

A song I wrote about a beatiful summer night in Smygehamn. In the middle of the night there was no wind, and the mist lay low over the fields and not so distant hill. These nights are breathtaking, and the mist, or the elves that were dancing, got me thinking of a great Icelandic song: Álfareiðin and Supernatural Temptation was born.

Also on iTunes and Spotify


Draugur (icelandic for Ghost)

I just came back from a vacation in wonderful Iceland, and using my native language again that much of course lead to a song being written using it..  This is not a very positive song, written about not letting out ones own person but rather keep all conflicts and dreams within..

This is a first recording, so the song or arrangement might be changed in the future..


From the bottle

I would say this is one of my absolute best songs so far. Written on a guitar as a rock song, it was recorded during evening when the kids where asleep, thus no guitars in the final production. Also I have got quite alot of help from my friend @GulliKid on the production/mixin side.


Available on iTunes and Spotify


I live in a small town in Sweden called Smygehamn. One day it was just very nice being there and I wrote a song about it. It’s in Swedish, and is almost a commercial for my little town, but I like living here so it’s not an exaggeration.

This song is available on Spotify and iTunes


My second recording and a song that is written the same evening as Angel and Supernatural Temptation. I think the lyrics speak for themselves and not much explanation is needed on what the song is about. Recorded just like Irony. In my bed.. (why I record there is because the kids are not there.. thus quiet 🙂 )

Available on iTunes and Spotify in acoustic version as on soundcloud and also in updated, rock version on both iTunes and Spotify


This is my first recording. A song that originally was about how comercial cristmas is somehow became a song about Irony without any mention of christmas in it. It was written just before christmas 2012 and recorded in my bed using the computer, a guitar and headphones with a built-in microphone.

This song is also available on iTunes and Spotify